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What is Core Energetics?

Created by John C. Pierrakos, psychiatrist, and co-founder of Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen, Core Energetics is a spiritual and evolutionary process of transformation focused on opening the heart, body and mind. It was developed as a means to deal with life’s day to day challenges by increasing our capacity to love and feel.

By using various physical techniques and exercises to move energy within the body, as well as basic spiritual principles such as awareness and welcoming the present moment, this approach allows us to reconnect with our inner experience and realign with the best of ourselves. Core Energetics is a approach that can help open your heart and bring improvements in your life.

What are the benefits of this approach?

Using Core Energetics techniques, you can learn to be more aware in your body, and recognize and feel what is present. Body and energy work can help us to become more in touch with our real needs. The liberated energy can strengthen your vitality, help you deal with your daily life challenges and open you to new possibilities.

Core Energetics is a spiritual process which opens us to the fullness of our life-force, opens our heart, grounds us in the strength and integrity of who we really are and supports us in bringing forth our unique gifts as we engage more responsibly with the world around us. In this process, our capacity to love and become more conscious can be increased as well as our vitality and the pleasure we get from life.