Spring Retreat (Leadership)


The Montreal Institute of

6 day Core Energetics Introductory Retreat

with the entire faculty and student body of the Montreal Institute of Core Energetics and Aidan Fisher, ACCEP, Practitioner & Director

May 19 – 24, 2024

  • Are you ready to let your whole body experience what it means to be fully alive – emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually?

  • Are you ready to step into parts of your leadership you’ve always longed for but didn’t know how?
  • Is your career feeling limited, and not yet fully aligned with your life’s purpose? Have you struggled to find your life’s purpose?

  • Are you a professional who works with clients who would benefit from powerful somatic tools that can facilitate huge transformational breakthroughs?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone!


Join us for this 6 day retreat and discover  Core Energetics, a complete approach that uses techniques from Bioenergetics co-created by Dr. Alexander Lowen and Dr. John Pierrakos , while drawing inspiration from spiritual principles of the  Pathwork. Core Energetics is a holistic approach, at the  very cutting edge of Western Spiritual & Emotional growth, that can help open your heart and realign with the best of yourself.

The journey taken in Core Energetics is principally one of freedom, awakening and exploring the powerful relationship between energy & consciousness.  During this 6 day retreat participants will be offered a combination of dynamic body experiences and learning opportunities to help in understanding how blocked energy affects our blocked consciousness, on an emotional, physical, mental, evolutionary and spiritual level.

This retreat is ideal for those considering the 2 or 4 year 
Certified Leadership or  Practitioner Training Program in Core Energetics, and would like to have their own experience before making a bigger commitment.

We will explore and experience:

  • How energy flows and blocks in our being. 
  • How connection to our bodies, emotions, mind and spirit affects our energy flow and our consciousness.
  • Charge and Discharge, the impact of energetic expansion and contraction.
  • Taking  Risks to grow &  Resistance to change
  • Grounding and attunement
  • Duality & Non-Duality Consciousness
  • Shadow Work – revealing and feeling our Lower Self
  • Dissolving Shame, Blame, Guilt and Judgments
  • How to penetrate the veil of our own hidden beliefs and projections.
  • Using energy to open and restore the heart.
  • And much more..

Who should participate?

You may have experience with Core Energetics or you may be new to the approach.  
This retreat is for anyone , at any point in their journey who is ready to take another big step in their personal and/or professional evolution. Discover powerful energetic techniques that can open you to your life force and allow for discoveries that support transformation in your life, your leadership and your career.

If you are new to Core Energetics:
We invite you to watch a few episodes of an  amazing web documentary that was done by  David Sutcliff . The documentary is called  “Group” and you can watch the episodes  HERE. It is raw, vulnerable, at times difficult, very touching and incredibly profound.

The details:

  • Retreat Dates: May 19-24, 2024
  • Registration Deadline:  May 10, 2024
  • Arrival: Sunday, May 19th after 5 PM. Dinner begins at 5:30 PM.
  • Departure: Friday, May 24th, around 5 PM.
  • Language: Bilingual (English and French) 

  • Because of the powerful and vulnerable nature of this work, an entry interview is required. Contact Aidan Fisher, Director at 514-609-5969 or by email at  [email protected] .

Retreat Costs: 
*additional costs for accommodations and meals listed below.

We offer 3 retreat rates (all taxes included!): 

1. SUPPORTER RATE – $1,383 : Supports Yourself and Others: This tier is above the actual cost of the retreat portion and the extra money goes towards supporting others who may not have access to paying for the actual cost of the retreat.

2. SUSTAINER RATE – $1,083 : Pays For You: This tier reflects the true cost of this retreat. It is for those who can meet their basic needs and who paying for this retreat may qualify as a sacrifice, but it would not create hardship.

3. COMMUNITY RATE – $883 : Supported by your Peers: This tier, representing a discounted rate, is for those who find it a challenge to meet basic needs and paying for this retreat would still be a hardship.

Retreat Location:
Kio-O retreat center

Sainte-Lucie des Laurentides, Québec
1h15 mins from Montréal
1905, ch. du 6e Rang, Sainte-Lucie des Laurentides (Québec) J0T 2J0  
(819) 326-6121  www.kio-o.ca

Accommodation & Meal Costs Per Person:
*these costs are on top of the Retreat fee listed above and payable upon arrival.   
5 nights (towels and sheets included) and 15 vegetarian meals

  • $795.00 + taxes ($914.05) – Shared occupancy room (2-3 beds) ($159 / night)
  • $1,045.00 + taxes ($1,201.49) – Single occupancy room ($209 / night)

Please note: There will be no refunds after Friday, May 10, 2024. Thank you very much for your understanding. 

To reserve your spot in this retreat and book your entry interview, contact Aidan Fisher at (514) 609-5969 or via email at  [email protected] .